There is no age limit; everyone is welcome to join our Clubs in six venues in Budapest. The aim is to provide a meeting place for people, to offer them meaningful and enjoyable free time activities and to create a community. The club is equipped with games such as bridge and chess.

Clubs are operating between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.



On first Monday of the month  at Budapest Cultural Center (1119 Etele út. 55.)


On first Wednesday of the month at Radnóti Cultural Center (1214 Vénusz utca. 2.),


On second Monday of the month at Eötvös10 (1067 Eötvös utca. 10.)

Boráros tér:

On third Monday of the month at Szabó Ervin Library (1093 Boráros tér 2.)


On third Wednesday of the month at Csili (1201 Nagy Győry István utca 4-6.)

Bokréta utca:

On fourth Monday of the month at Sonnenschein House (1094 Bokréta utca 15,)